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Phosphates are a naturally occurring form of the element Phosphorus, one of the three primary nutrients, with Nitrogen and Potassium are the other two, required for photosynthesis and crop growth. Ma’aden mine Phosphate Rock and process it into diversified ammonium Phosphate Fertilizers Products. Ma'aden is rapidly becoming among the leading players in the global phosphate trade. As the global population continues to grow, the demand for protein-rich food increases, while arable land per capita declines.

Fertilizers, including Ammoniated Phosphate Fertilizers, play an important role in boosting crop output and contributing to stable food supplies around the world. The global demand for phosphorus is increasing by about 1.4 percent per annum. With our phosphate deposits in the north of Saudi Arabia, and proximity to promising markets in South Asia and East Africa, we are in a strong position to serve global needs. Furthermore, Saudi Arabia is now becoming a major player in the global stability of food supply.

Ma'aden phosphate investment consists of several focused businesses:

Ma’aden Phosphate Company (MPC)

MPC is a USD 5.6 billion (SAR 21 billion) joint venture investment of which Ma’aden own 70%. It operates from two primary locations: Al Jalamid in the Northern Province of Saudi Arabia, where the Phosphate Mine and Beneficiation Plant are located, and Ras Al Khair Industrial City in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, where Ma'aden’s Integrated Fertilizer Production Complex is located.

Ma’aden’s Phosphate Mine produces close to 11.6 million tonnes of ore per year, while the Beneficiation Plant up to 5 million tonnes of concentrated phosphate rock per year. Ma'aden has made significant infrastructure investments in Al Jalamid, building a Power Plant, a Potable Water Production Plant and a Communication Facilities. This is in addition to a road transport network that is enabling Ma’aden’s phosphate exploration and production.

From Al Jalamid, Concentrated Phosphate rock is transported by rail over 1,200 Km to Ras Al Khair Industrial City for processing at Ma'aden’s Integrated Fertilizer Production Complex, which include Phosphoric Acid Plant, Sulfuric Acid Plant, Ammonia Plant, Di-Ammonium Phosphate, Granulation Plant and Desalination Plant. MPC can produce 3 million tons of Di-Ammonium Phosphate annually, most of which is sold in the international markets.

Ma’aden Wa’ad Al Shamal Phosphate Company (MWSPC)

MWSPC is a USD 8 billion (SAR 31 billion) joint venture investment of which Ma’aden owns 60%. The Ma’aden’s Wa’ad Al Shamal Fertilizer Production Complex is located in Wa’ad Al Shamal Minerals Industrial City, in the Northern Province of Saudi Arabia. The Complex includes seven world-class plants and associated facilities, including Beneficiation Plant, Phosphoric Acid Plant, Sulfuric Acid Plant, Di-Ammonium Phosphate, Granulation Plant. These plants make the Complex one of the largest phosphate production complexes in the world.

MWSPC can produce 3 million tons of fertilizer products, such as Di-Ammonium Phosphate, Mono-Ammonium Phosphate, Nitro Phosphate and Nitrogen, and Phosphate & Potassium fertilizers, complementary plants to produce Ammonia and Ammonium Phosphate-based Fertilizers were built at Ras Al Khair Industrial City in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, with the North-South Railway links Ras Al Khair Industrial City and Wa’ad Al Shamal Minerals Industrial City. With the commissioning of this Ma’aden Wa’ad Al Shamal Fertilizer Production Complex, Ma’aden’s became a leading player in the global phosphates market.

Ma’aden Fertilizer Company (MFC)

In 2016, Ma’aden announced it was launching a feasibility study to define a third world-class phosphate fertilizer production complex to be located in in Wa’ad Al Shamal Minerals Industrial City, in the Northern Province of Saudi Arabia. In October 2018, Ma’aden signed a USD 892 million (SAR 3.35 billion) engineering, procurement, and construction with a global consortium to build the first of several plants under this investment, which is an Ammonia Plant with 1.1 million tons per annum capacity. This upcoming Integrated Fertilizer Production Complex is under MFC.

Ma’aden Marketing and Distribution Company (MMDC)

MMDC is the marking and distribution arm for Ma’aden’s fertilizer products. The aim of MMDC is to accelerate building distribution and product development capabilities that will shorten Ma’aden’s learning curve in product development, blending, agronomy and retail. MMDC also own and operate Ma’aden’s Global Offices.

Meridian Consolidated Investments Limited (Meridian Group)

Meridian Group is a well-established African company with mature structure and multipart operations that is 85% owned by Ma’aden. The Mauritius-based Meridian Group, operates across Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The company locally manufacture, distribute and trade in agricultural commodities that allow the company to partner with local farmers and provide them with best value, tailor-made solutions. Meridian’s core focus is on the importation, blending and distribution of high quality fertilizer. Meridian Group’s flagship brand, Superfert Fertilizer, is available throughout the region and enjoys a strong following with an array of farmers and farming enterprises.

Industrial Minerals Company (IMC)

IMC was established in 2009, as a wholly owned subsidiary of Ma’aden, to run Ma’aden’s Industrial Minerals production. IMC specializes in extracting and adding value to Saudi Arabia’s extensive deposits of Industrial Minerals, including Low Grade Bauxite, Kaolin, Magnesite and Magnesia Products. IMC operations include:

  • Kaolin and Low Grade Bauxite Mine in the central zone of Az Zabirah deposit in Hail Province in Saudi Arabia
  • High-Grade Magnesite Mine in Hail Province in Saudi Arabia, and
  • Processing Plant at Madinah Industrial City in Madinah Province in Saudi Arabia.

Ma’aden’s presence and growing capabilities in Industrial Minerals is a strong indicator of our readiness to engage in new and technologically evolving industries and businesses. Industrial Minerals business has grown steadily and consistently since the start-up of Low Grade Bauxite production in 2008.

Phosphate Product SDS and Product Specifications

Products Safety Datasheets ( SDS )
Typical Products Specifications
  • DAP Grade
  • MAP Grade
  • Other products like NPKS , NPK and others are customized as per client requirementsss