Our Sustainability Strategy


Under its Strategy 2025, Ma'aden's new Sustainability Strategic Direction focuses on four main areas:

1.Excellence in sustainable business

Ma'aden's goal is to be globally recognized for being an innovation-led and value-focused business.
Ma’aden is working to embed the circular economy regenerative system and minimize resource input and waste, adopt Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards and establish a mechanism that allows Ma’aden to systematically track sustainability costs and impacts.

2.Health, Safety & Environment

Ma'aden, Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) is being embedded as a lifestyle and way of living rather than a business imperative. Stakeholders are engaged through a positive safety culture, ensuring that an ideal workplace environment is created in which all employees, contractors, business partners, associated families, and communities can thrive. Together, we strive towards excellence in health, safety and the environment while making significant contributions to the growth of Ma’aden.

3.Social impact

Ma'aden seeks to be a welcomed neighbor in an empowered ecosystem.
As Ma'aden works to further develop its community engagement, Ma'aden will promote the social fund and publish its audited, improve engagement with both internal and external stakeholders, and develop local content and context by increasing local purchasing, building local supply chains and supporting local businesses.

4.Economic and resource impact

Ma'aden will ensure that it derives optimum benefits from the company assets.
Ma'aden aims to increase asset utilization through reliability programs and optimize raw material consumption across the company's operations.