Sustainability is a fundamental factor in the delivery of Ma’aden’s Strategy 2025. Ma'aden approach is inspired by the company's commitment to three driving forces in the world of sustainability:

Vision 2030 of Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia, the Saudi Government has launched a countrywide initiative to diversify the economy and create jobs. The Saudi Vision 2030 places great importance on social and environmental care. As a result, there is increasing national regulatory focus on the environmental performance of businesses, health and safety of communities, and growing commitment to corporate social responsibility.

The International Council on Mining and Minerals (ICMM) Principles

The Principles adopted by the International Council on Mining and Minerals serve as a best-practice framework for sustainable development in the mining and metals industry. Ma’aden has adopted these principles throughout its operations and adopted them as the foundation of Ma'aden's Sustainability Strategic Direction, under Ma’aden’s Strategy 2025.

The UN Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs)

The UN’s 17 Sustainability Development Goals are playing a key role in driving the sustainability agenda for governments and businesses worldwide. Ma'aden's Sustainability Strategic Direction, under Ma’aden’s Strategy 2025, is aligned with seven UN Sustainability Development Goals, as showed in the illustration below, which are most strategically important for Ma’aden and the mining industry in Saudi Arabia. Ma’aden is already making significant contributions and has ongoing aspirations under the UN Sustainability Development Goals that are adopted by Ma'aden.

For more information on Ma’aden’s Sustainability Strategy see our latest Annual Report.