Environment, Health, Safety and Security


Environment, Health, Safety and Security (EHSS) at Ma’aden is at the heart of every decision we make and every action we take. We acknowledge that we operate in the mining and mineral processing industry, which is hazardous, therefore EHSS is a pre-condition of everything we do. Ma’aden firmly believes that all incidents are avoidable if risk is assessed and managed proactively.

Our established EHSS Policy and EHSS Management System Framework contains the guiding principles that empower the following undertakings:

  • We are committed to complying with all applicable EHSS laws, regulations, and obligations;
  • We enable and practice safe and healthy lifestyles and behaviors both on and off the job;
  • We implement systems and provide equipment to prevent harm to people and the environment and enable a healthy, safe and environmentally responsible workplace;
  • We integrate EHSS factors throughout the whole lifecycle of our assets and products spanning their development, procurement, operation and maintenance, decommissioning and rehabilitation;
  • Our current EHSS focus areas are the prevention of major accidents, ensuring workers’ fitness for duty, resource conservation and the minimization of impacts related to effluent, waste and biodiversity;
  • We actively consult, engage and listen to stakeholders including our employees, investors, supply chain, local communities and customers to understand their EHSS concerns and each other’s views;
  • We have an ongoing commitment to providing training and ensuring the capability, competency and well-being of everyone working at our facilities and affiliates;
  • Our EHSS objectives and continual improvement plans are based on proactive risk management which aims to progressively prevent and minimize impacts, losses and injuries; and,
  • We will continue to learn from incidents, share information to drive operational excellence and monitor, review and report on our health, safety, security and environmental performance.

We recognize that our EHSS culture, management and performance is dependent on our leadership, line management and the ownership of each and every one of us.

We accordingly established a set of Safety Objectives for Ma’aden;

  • Safety to be a lifestyle and comes first in everything we do
  • Everyone can speak freely about Health, Safety, Security and Environmental concerns
  • Everyone is competent to be safe in their role and be a role model in Safety
  • We work together to get Ma’aden recognized as a world leader in safety
  • Understand why things go right and focus on making things go right all the time.
  • Be proactive in the elimination and control of risk
  • Utilize our safety resources intelligently, focusing on those programs, projects and initiatives that deliver the biggest benefit for all Ma’aden and its employees.

Safety Culture Transformation Program (SafeSTEPS)

Under Ma’aden Strategy 2025, our Environment, Health, Safety and the Security Strategic Direction is to build a positive safety culture and a workplace that is free of incidents and injuries. With this in mind, we have developed and is implementing a holistic Safety Culture Transformation Program to drive behavioral change at Ma’aden.

The main objective of the Safety Culture Transformation Program is to shift from a reactive, performance-based approach to safety to a proactive, risk-based approach. In support of this Program, we are integrating environment, health, safety, and security requirements into all business functions, processes and systems. The essence of the Program is captured in its brand, SafeSTEPS, which stands for the steps we should all follow when faced with EHSS risks: Stop, Think, Evaluate and Proceed Safely. Perform a specific task only if it is safe to do so.



A community that cares deeply about the well-being of each other
An environment where employees can perform their duties safely everyday
Mindset of safety first in both the workplace and at home
Leaders who place safety at the heart of every decision they make and are active safety role models
Workers who take responsibility for safety and look out for each other in everything they do
Staff who share any information they think will promote safety across the organization
A company wide network of safety ambassadors who promote change and help ensure safe operations
Employees who speak freely about concerns actively listed and respect the views of each other