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Ma’aden Strategy 2025


Our Strategy 2025 is anchored in our vision to be a sustainable mining champion with a global presence. Our approach to achieve success is best explained using the concept of three pillars built on strong foundations.

Foundations : Sustainability and capability building

  • Build best-in-class safety culture and practices across the organization and foster a zero-harm environment
  • Strengthening capabilities and preparing leaders in all core business units to achieve Ma’aden’s aspiration for growth
  • Lead stewardship of the mining industry in Saudi Arabia and its ecosystem

Pillar 1: Operational, capital and commercial excellence

  • Enhance competitiveness
  • Enhancing profitability and commercial return in line with the profitability of international companies
  • Leverage digital technology and lean manufacturing to improve efficiency levels across all company assets

Pillar 2: National mining champion

  • Grow sustainably phosphate, aluminum, gold and base metals in Saudi Arabia
  • Grow in specific industrial minerals
  • Leading the development of the Saudi mining sector

Pillar 3: Global presence

  • Leverage world-class mineral deposits in Saudi Arabia to grow as a global industry leader
  • Grow globally in selected commodities

National champion

Ma’aden is a living example of a national institution capable of achieving commercial success while contributing to national development, economic diversification and quality job creation, in addition to supporting social welfare.

The announcement of Vision 2030 in Saudi Arabia has stimulated the industrial and mining sectors in in Saudi Arabia. The commitment of Saudi Arabia to build a comprehensive database for the national mineral resources is one of the main enabling elements to achieve the ambitions of the mining industry in Saudi Arabia.

As the Champion of the mining industry in Saudi Arabia, that is developing to be a Saudi Global Mining Giant, Ma'aden has a prominent position to contribute to the development of the mining industry in Saudi Arabia to achieve major benefits to the economy of Saudi Arabia.