As the national champion for the mining industry, Ma’aden is committed to maximizing the contribution of the mining industry to the Saudi Arabian economy through investments in labour, goods, services, assets and technology in line with the national Vision 2030.

We aim to achieve this vision through a focus on five strategic objectives:

  • People: We are committed to creating new opportunities for employment for Saudi nationals – new jobs that are attractive, sustainable, and offer the opportunity for growth and development
  • Businesses: We will create new opportunities for companies based in KSA to grow and invest and create new businesses and industries
  • SMEs: We will support the creation and growth of Small and Medium sized Enterprises, as an engine of growth for the whole Saudi economy
  • Remote regions: We will work with the communities and the businesses in the remote regions where we establish operations to grow the local economy and create opportunity and prosperity
  • Supply Chain: We will work with organizations across the mining industry to grow capability and capacity and increase Local Content

We offer a Local Content Program for investors who are interested in building the Kingdom’s industrial capability and capacity. We work with partners to identify investment opportunities on Local Content contributions across three different dimensions of our business – supply chain, downstream and projects.

We can provide support and guidance to investors in a number of ways:

  • Demand Information: Details on Ma’aden’s expenditure and future requirements
  • Technical Support: Access to skilled Ma’aden resources to support on feasibility studies
  • Letter of Support: Introductions to Ma’aden partners and other stakeholders
  • Memorandum of Understanding: Joint commitment to investigate and develop Local Content opportunities
  • Funding: Introductions to funding partners offering preferential terms
  • Fast Track Registration: Priority track to complete Ma’aden supplier registration
  • Bidder List Inclusion: Access to Ma’aden tenders and procurement
  • Framework Agreement: Supply of goods and services to Ma’aden through localized supply capability

From a total of almost 2,000 spend categories, we identified opportunities that we believe offer the greatest opportunity to boost Local Content in the mining industry supply chain. We have also identified applications for products from Ma’aden operations that offer potential opportunities for investors to develop downstream business using Ma’aden’s output.

“Local content is a catalyst for broader economic growth. Through Tharwah, we will build on our current contributions to the national mining ecosystem and support the remote communities in which we operate to create robust, self-reliant local business ecosystems.

- Ma’aden CEO Robert Wilt