Social Responsibility


At Ma’aden, the goal is to be a graciously welcomed neighbor wherever we operates.

Ma'aden has developed and is implementing a Community Management System to ensure that its contribution to the Saudi Arabian economy brings real opportunities to the communities in and around Ma'aden's mining and manufacturing locations. Ma'aden believes that its relationships with local communities are crucial to its mission and to achieving its Strategy 2025. Communities trust and approval are vital in defining Ma’aden’s social license to operate and grow.

Ma’aden’s Community Management System is closely aligned with international best practices. It enables Ma'aden to improve its social performance, allows the employees to better manage risks associated with community issues and improves group-wide learning and knowledge sharing. It ensures that Ma'aden follow a consistent approach in conceiving and implementing community programs.

Ma'aden’s Community Policy has established a set of targets:

  • minimize adverse social and community impacts and maximize potential opportunities;
  • contribute to the social and economic development of the communities in which Ma'aden operate, and to the wider development of Saudi Arabia;
  • support the development and enhancement of a national workforce;
  • engage with all stakeholders in a fair, transparent and inclusive manner;
  • implement an effective and transparent communication process across the business that informs and engages with internal and external stakeholders;
  • conduct regular review and audit of community policies, procedures, and performance;
  • undertake routine reporting to internal and external stakeholders on Ma'aden community engagement and social performance activities.

Ma'aden community focus is boosted by the Ma’aden’s Higher Community Initiatives Committee, which is chaired by Ma’aden President & CEO and comprises six other senior executives. Its mandate is to ensure that all Ma’aden community initiatives deliver highly positive social impacts while maintaining alignment with its community initiative principles, business interests and the evolving needs of stakeholders.

Ma’aden’s Higher Community Initiatives Committee is a major step forward in ensuring that Ma’aden has a unified approach to community initiatives. Under Ma’aden’s Higher Community Initiatives Committee, Ma'aden will continue to foster excellent community relations and deliver on Ma’aden intention that local people should benefit from the company's activity.

At all Ma'aden mining locations, we engage with local communities through regular meetings that promote mutual understanding. These meetings help Ma'aden make a realistic assessment of local needs that then become the starting point of the company's programs. Before the launch of a new project or initiative, Ma'aden conducts a detailed social impact assessment in which we lay down a full description of the hosting communities and their social processes, consult with them on the main issues and identify potential local talent along with supplier pools that Ma'aden can integrate in the company's business.