Supplier/Contractor Relationship Management


Welcome to Saudi Arabian Mining Company(Ma'aden) Suppliers and Contractors Relations Website.

Using this site you can easily initiate your company registration, that can lead to becoming one of Ma'aden Group approved suppliers / contractors.

Before you start your registration process , please make sure you read the guideline document ,and make sure the needed documents in PDF file or Microsoft word and ready in your desktop for upload.

Completion of the online supplier / contractor registration does not guarantee that your company will receive RFQs / RFPs or POs/Subcontracts from Ma'aden nor does it confer "Approved" status as a Ma'aden supplier / contractor. It is the first step of the mandatory process for doing business with Ma'aden and Its affiliates. You may be contacted in accordance with our business needs.

For Current Ma'aden Suppliers / Contractors, using this site, you can update your company information and have access to Ma'aden business opportunities through collaboration portal.

We appreciate your interest in becoming a Ma'aden Supplier / Contractor and look forward to the possibility to work with you.