Our People


Ma’aden recognizes that its long-term success depends on its people, our most valuable asset. Our Human Capital Development Programs aim to attract, develop, motivate and retain competent, dedicated and engaged employees. One of Ma’aden goals is to become one of the top three employers in Saudi Arabia and in other parts of the world where we operate.

Ma’aden is pioneering the modern mining industry in Saudi Arabia. As such, Ma’aden has taken the initiative to create a dynamic and strong infrastructure to educate, train and develop a local talent pool needed for the mining industry. We are meeting the challenge head-on by partnering with prominent national and international institutions to educate and train Saudi nationals for exceptional careers in mining.

Ma’aden has made and continue to make significant investments in Human Capital Development Programs for employees to prepare a new generation of young Saudi nationals for the mining industry. Under our Strategy 2025, the current Strategic Direction for Human Capital Development includes an enhanced professional development program, providing new opportunities to staff across our organization; a scholarship program in partnership with the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Education; The Saudi Mining Polytechnic in Ar’ar City in the Norther Province of Saudi Arabia; and two Schools of Excellence in Ar’ar City and Turaif City, both in the Norther Province of Saudi Arabia.

The Ma’aden Academy

The Ma’aden Academy is a world-class institute that leverages strategic partnerships with world leading training and development institutions to deliver a comprehensive set of learning and development programs anchored in the Ma’aden Leadership Model. This Model focuses on continued buildup of Ma’aden’s human capital and capacity in its business areas.

By enhancing the skills of Ma’aden’s current and future leaders, the Ma’aden Academy has become a key enabler of executing Ma’aden’ s Strategy 2025 and Ma'aden’s vision to be a “Sustainable mining champion with global presence”. Ma’aden Academy’s mission is to uphold the “Ma’aden Way” – a common culture and language we use to guide us in our work every day, it outlines how we approach everything and how we do and stimulates a learning culture throughout Ma’aden.

Developing human resources in our business areas

At Ma'aden, we are committed to developing human resources in our business areas through numerous directed long-term strategic initiatives. Among these initiatives is the operation of two high schools in Ar’ar City and Turaif City, both in the Norther Province of Saudi Arabia. This operation is conducted according to the best methods of education in the most distinctive quality to increase the students’ competitiveness and support their march to enter the prestigious universities in Saudi Arabia and abroad. Through our initiatives, we also aim to discover and nurture talented students by developing their cognitive, personal and social potentials, discovering their capabilities and providing appropriate support for their development and refinement.

These initiatives come in collaboration with the Saudi Arabian King Abdul Aziz and His Companions Foundation for Giftedness and Creativity (Mawhiba) and with the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Education and Saudi Universities to spread knowledge within the scope of Ma’aden’s business areas.