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New technology can drive business

efficiency, but it also presents new

challenges. As the world becomes

more digitally connected, cyber

threats are constantly increasing.

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As cyber threats have grown, they have also increased in sophistication. Managing cybersecurity and technology risks is a major challenge for any organization. This is particularly true in the mining sector which is particularly vulnerable to attack due to the levels of automation involved.

Ma'aden is not immune from these risks. However, we have strategies and approaches to mitigate and minimize them.

Ma'aden continues to regard addressing cybersecurity as a major priority that drives business sustainability and safety. In 2021, we invested in strengthening our cybersecurity resilience to deal with potential new threats.

We renewed our ISO 27001 certification for the second year running and achieved


of compliance with the National Cybersecurity Authority mandates.

This exceeded the 2020 compliance level by


Alongside this, in 2021 we invested in a range of technologies utilizing Artificial Intelligence to improve our resilience, upgraded our Information Technology infrastructure, and continued to enhance our awareness and training programs to build the Cyber-capabilities across Ma’aden.

We also achieved 100% Saudization in Cybersecurity in line with national mandates.