Technology R&D
and Innovation (TRI)

To achieve its ambitions for growth,

Ma'aden has recognized

Technology R&D and Innovation

(TRI) as foundational element of its

2040 strategy.


Ma'aden Technology R&D and Innovation (TRI) will go beyond digitalization to leverage all technological innovation, including process technologies, across its value chain.

This will support Ma’aden’s growth ambition and maximize value through innovation in safety, ESG, resources and products. Ma’aden TRI mission is to enable the 2040 strategy through balanced portfolio between emerging and mature technologies.


In 2021, as we transitioned into the post-COVID era, digital has been further embedded into new ways of working across all activities.

This year saw the piloting of:

"Smart Wearable Technology"

for heat stress prevention for Exploration and Smelter operations. This allows real-time monitoring of field workers' biometrics and alerting of any health warning signs.

"AI/ML deep analytics"

of Ad Duwaihy gold mine providing operational data for anomaly detection and prediction of asset failures.

"Drones for mine surveying"

Generating 3D models of operational areas and leading to digitally driven mining operation. These are replacing manual surveying which can be slow and has inherent safety risks.