Our Governance

Ma’aden’s future growth is underpinned by strong, transparent, and accountable structures and processes.

Supporting this ambition is Ma’aden’s Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) Department. Under the direction of the Board and its key committees, this department is responsible for:


Governance is a framework by which a company is directed, to achieve its overall objectives. It is concerned with relationships, structures, processes, information flows, controls, decision-making, and accountability to the highest level in a company.


Risk management involves knowing the location of critical data, operations, and processes, as well as an understanding of the business's capability to bear critical risks; quality assurance, benchmarking and other continuous improvement tools are used as part of the monitoring process during normal operations.


Compliance assists senior management in identifying, evaluating, controlling, and monitoring the compliance risks affecting the company on an ongoing basis. The Compliance Function of the GRC department recommends appropriate controls and remedial actions.

Detailed information about our Governance processes and structures is available in a separate Board of Director's report.