2021 has demonstrated that the Ma’aden model is resilient and that our business fundamentals are strong. The results our team has delivered demonstrate that we are now an established force in the global mining industry.


Ma'aden Coper Mine - Jabal Sayid

Our acceleration in 2021 was partly a result of favorable market conditions as global demand increased for phosphate fertilizers and essential metals and minerals.

But we could only capitalize on the recovery of commodity prices and achieve record profits thanks to the strength of the foundations that we have, and the commitment and skills of our people.

As well as strengthening our global reach through strategic investments and partnerships in Africa and Asia and developing our core business at home in Saudi Arabia, we have also produced a roadmap for the future. This sets out an ambitious growth strategy for the coming decades. At the heart of this is our commitment to pursue growth built on values, ensuring that we develop in a way that protects people and places, and that reflects the needs of future as well as current generations.

In the last two years, Ma'aden has shown its resilience to withstand enormously disruptive global events. The business has proven that it can deliver value in difficult situations for consumers, shareholders, employees, and the Kingdom. We end the year in a very strong financial position, with exciting plans for the future. Our growth ambitions will be supported by new developments and new explorations.

We will continue to drive efficiencies, strive for ever higher safety standards, invest in new technologies, achieve ever higher sustainability standards, and deliver more value to investors.

As the world economy returns to normal, tremendous opportunities lie ahead for Ma’aden as we continue our journey to become a global mining giant.