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Our Strategic

In recent years, Ma’aden has completed a big

wave of growth, establishing a strong and

modern asset base across all three businesses,

and building a global market position with

strong capabilities.

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Now is the right time for Ma’aden to make the next big leap forward,

given supportive market outlook, industry and market shifts and KSA continuous mining Jurisdiction improvements, which creates new opportunities.

To leverage these opportunities, we have defined a new longerterm aspiration to become a “Sustainable mining champion with global presence”.

This follows our historic growth pattern with significant investments directed towards local exploration and upstream activities. Our aspiration is in line with being the KSA Mining Champion and ESG being a cornerstone of our strategy that contributes towards the Vision 2030 objectives for the KSA mining industry

Our ambitious vision is supported by

four strategic pillars:

  • Leverage KSA resources:

    Increase capacity in current and new minerals through new mines or expansions of our current mines and processing lines

  • Value focus:

    Redirecting activities towards a more profitable and advanced product portfolio.

  • Productivity drive:

    Significant uplift of throughput and cost optimizations across value chains.

  • ESG stewardship:

    Intensify our efforts to make a significant leap towards sustainable operations.

This ambitious strategy will:

Significantly expand our assets, portfolio, and value chain presence within the businesses, and feed 10% of the world population. We are also aspiring to expand green production and recycling capacities and exploring for other minerals such as, cobalt, nickel, and lithium.

The fulfillment of our strategy will not only contribute significantly towards Saudi Arabia’s

GDP but also contribute to KSA socio-economic development scene with job creations in remote areas and support Vision 2030 strategic mining targets.

This strategy will ensure continuation of our growth trajectory at Ma’aden with increased resilience and advanced technology utilization within its core.