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Ma’aden highlights role of fertilizer industry in addressing global agricultural value chain challenges at IFA Conference in Prague


May 25, 2023

The Saudi Arabian Mining Company (Ma’aden) has concluded its participation in the International Fertilizer Association (IFA) Annual Conference 2023 in Prague, Czech Republic. Held from 22 to 24 May under the theme “Where Food and Energy Markets Meet,” the conference brought together stakeholders from across the global agriculture value chain to address issues and challenges facing the industry, as well as the impact of the fertilizer sector on other global industries.

As the world’s second largest exporter of Phosphate fertilizer, Ma’aden plays an increasingly important role in global food security by providing high-quality fertilizers and building partnerships with stakeholders in the world’s top markets. Over the past 10 years, Ma’aden has built a sustainable and resilient phosphate fertilizers production business, with plans to increase its phosphate fertilizer production by 50% through the company’s Phosphates 3 mega project.

Robert Wilt, CEO of Ma’aden and IFA Board Member participated in the keynote session of the conference, alongside Jeanne Johns, CEO of Incitec Pivot, and Alexander Schmitt, CMO of Anglo American, where he discussed ways to address the global food security concerns while working towards sustainability goals. He said, “Food security depends on the fertilizer industry’s ability to meet the needs of a growing population, but we need to work together to increase efficiency of fertilizer production, while reducing the amount of energy used. Ma’aden’s ongoing focus on forming working partnerships in the agricultural value chain is key to helping us build a sustainable future for agriculture around the world.

“That’s why we work with our partners to devise techniques and systems to enhance crop inputs used through field campaigns and R&D programs. We are investing heavily into building a resilient fertilizer business, with plans to grow our production and increase supply to key regions, which means we are playing a growing role in food security in these regions. We are transforming the way we operate to ensure it is more responsive to changing regional and customer demands, and to provide higher quality products that support our long-term growth ambitions.”

Ma’aden’s stand at the IFA Conference 2023 highlighted the company’s commitment to decarbonizing its business and its value chain to meet its goal of reaching net zero by 2050. Showcasing samples of Ma’aden’s fertilizers, the stand attracted guests and visitors who are interested in learning about Ma’aden’s high quality products, operations, and manufacturing facilities.

Ma’aden’s Wa’ad Al Shamal Fertilizer Production Complex, located in Wa’ad Al Shamal Minerals Industrial City in the Northern Province of Saudi Arabia, is one of the largest phosphate production complexes in the world and it includes seven world-class plants and associated facilities. Complimentary plants were built at Ras Al Khair Industrial City in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, linked to Wa’ad Al Shamal by the North-South Railway.