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At Ma’aden, we believe that compliance and ethics go hand-in-hand with outstanding business performance. Integrity is central to our Values and is applied to every interaction with our shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers and all other parties who have a relationship with Ma’aden.

Our strict compliance culture is supported by a specialist Compliance Team that is empowered and responsible for successfully implementing relevant policies, procedures, training and monitoring that align with sound ethics and business strategy.

Our Compliance Team actively assists Ma’aden Senior Management in identifying, evaluating, controlling and monitoring compliance risks on an on-going basis.

Whenever weaknesses are found, our Compliance Team promptly recommends appropriate controls and remedial actions.


Ma’aden has a clear set of governance policies and procedures that are regularly updated in line with any new regulations and best practice. These policies make up the framework of how Ma’aden does business and interacts with external and internal stakeholders.


Our Code of Conduct forms the core principles that steer Ma’aden’s dealings with all constituencies; particularly with our customers, suppliers and communities where we do business.

Ethics, which is one of the four pillars of Ma’aden’s approach to sustainability, goes beyond just rules. Ethical practices create an internal value system that drives people to do the right thing.

Rules, policies and procedures are developed out of a need to comply with the law and to keep order; Ma’aden’s approach to ethics produces behaviors that are not merely reactions to mandates.

Employees are assured that continued and strict observance of these standards, even at the risk of adverse business consequences, will be supported by Ma’aden Senior Management. Deviation from them, on the other hand, will be grounds for appropriate disciplinary or other action. This may include termination of employment and referral of such conduct to the concerned authorities.

Code of Conduct Handbook


The Ma’aden’s Conflict of Interest Policy requires Board of Directors, Senior Management and employees to disclose actual or potential conflicts of interest and provides a mechanism for addressing them.

Potential conflicts of interest arise where an individual’s private interests, financial or otherwise, may interfere with the interests of Ma’aden.

Conflict of Interest Policy


Ma’aden’s Anti-Corruption Policy requires all employees and stakeholders to conduct all business with us in an honest and ethical manner.

We take a zero-tolerance approach to bribery and corruption.

We are committed to acting professionally, fairly and with integrity in all our business dealings and relationships wherever we operate; whilst implementing and enforcing effective parallel systems to counter bribery and corruption.

We uphold all laws that apply to us, and this includes all laws relevant to countering bribery and corruption. We are bound by Saudi Arabia’s laws and regulations, including the Combating Bribery Law and the National Strategy for Protecting Honesty and Combating Corruption.

Our Anti-Corruption Policy and its procedures work as a strict reference point for all employees when dealing with any third parties; including customers, suppliers, service providers, government bodies and other third parties.

Anti-Corruption Policy


Ma’aden strives to uphold complete transparency to ensure that all stakeholders have continuous, equal and timely access to all externally available information issued by the company.

To reinforce this philosophy, Ma’aden has put in place an internal Disclosure & Transparency Policy.


Safety is at the heart of every decision we make. Ma’aden recognizes that it operate in a hazardous industry and that safety is a pre-condition to everything we do.

Same time, we firmly believe that unsafe incidents are avoidable if risk is proactively identified and appropriately mitigated and managed.

Our ‘SafeSTEPS Program’ presents a new way towards thinking and acting when it comes to safety. The Program asks everyone to ‘Stop, Think, Evaluate and Proceed Safely’ – these are the ‘SafeSTEPS’ that Ma’aden require everybody to take to follow our culture of zero harm.

The Ma’aden safety culture is anchored in four pillars:

  • Everyone takes ownership for their own safety and the safety of others;
  • Drive safety behaviors by leadership being accountable and working as role models;
  • Promote a reporting culture with positive communication at all levels; and
  • Treat all employees, employee groups and contractors equally.

Excellence in our management of health, safety and environmental is integral to the way in which we do business, and further reflects our accountability concerning active stewardship and progress towards sustainable development.

Ma’aden HSE policy


Ma’aden is fully committed to the highest standards of business integrity. We believe that it is critical to our joint success that Ma’aden employees and suppliers maintain the highest ethical standards and that they are aware of, and adhere to, all applicable laws.

Ma’aden has zero tolerance toward conflicts of interest, or even the appearance of one, in any dealings. All of our suppliers are therefore required to always conduct themselves with the highest standards of honesty, fairness and personal integrity.

Our business relationships are founded on trust and it is essential that all parties in the supply chain feel confident in the fairness and transparency of the process.

Accordingly, we have codified the ethical responsibilities of our suppliers in our Supplier Code of Conduct. The Supplier Code of Conduct establishes a policy for all current and potential Ma’aden suppliers who are, or who wish to be, registered with Ma’aden.

In a competitive global environment, we inevitably encounter situations that will test our judgement and integrity. When that happens, the Supplier Code of Conduct acts as a guide and assists us in addressing ethical questions before taking necessary action.

The Supplier Code of Conduct reflects our commitment to conducting business in an ethical, legal, safe, and environmentally and socially responsible manner. It requires all of our potential and existing suppliers to share and demonstrate this commitment in order to be considered for, to do, or continue to do business with Ma’aden.

Our reference in this part of our site to ‘suppliers’ include vendors, manufacturers, contractors, intermediaries, agents, and sub-contractors who are registered with Ma’aden and seeking to provide goods, services, or personnel (including consultants) to Ma’aden or who are currently party to agreement(s) for such purposes with Ma’aden or one of its contractors. The term Ma’aden as used in this section includes Ma’aden and its subsidiary and affiliate companies.

Supplier Code of Conduct


Our annual report always contains a section that elaborates on our governance and compliance activities during the relevant year. Read our latest annual reports here:


In 2013, we put in place the Ma’aden Whistleblowing Policy, which was welcomed by the National Anti-Corruption Commission (Nazaha) as the first such policy in Saudi Arabia.

In addition to this Policy, Ma’aden also implemented the first independent whistleblower hotline in Saudi Arabia in 2017.

Our Whistleblowing Policy and independent hotline support the integrity of our wider compliance policies and adherence to all applicable laws, by providing confidential channels for employees, suppliers, customers or any other third party to report violations or possible violations.

The Whistleblowing Policy aims to encourage all employees and third parties to provide information that will help management detect, correct and report irregularities, unethical behavior and actions that may be illegal, and which may violate the company’s policies, procedures and ethical standards.

Our Whistleblowing Policy is consistent with Article 10 of the Corporate Governance Regulations issued by the Capital Market Authority (CMA) in Saudi Arabia.


In enhancing and protecting Ma’aden’s values, the company actively encourages the reporting of any legal violations and unethical behavior according to the Whistleblowing Policy via the following channels:

Whistleblowing website

Email: Compliance@maaden.com.sa